Why You Should Look for a Better Life in Cyprus

Though not as large or populated as other islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has managed to maintain its position at an intersection of 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The strategic location makes this former British colony popular among travelers from all over Europe who want some peace and quiet with plenty of tourist attractions and perfect beaches! And it’s also quickly becoming one of those trendy places people are moving towards now.

Cyprus is a small island, yet it houses some of the most impressive ancient ruins in all Europe. From Paphos, you can explore forgotten eras with authentic relics or taking an underwater tour to see what life was like at this time forever ago! There is also an archeological site dated back more than 4 centuries BC which includes remains such as palaces and fortresses that show off how much history comes together here on these shores.

Expats who have settled in Cyprus claim that they are extremely happy and content with their new home. While the country is not well-known, these people say it’s a fantastic place to live because of attractive scenery as well other factors such as good weather patterns.

Indeed, moving abroad can be daunting, but many expatriates find themselves feeling at ease once they get over the adjustment period.

Once you have made the decision to move abroad, there are many factors that go into making this big life change. A lot can be debated about what makes a good place for living, but one thing everyone agrees on, Cyprus has something special going on! So, without further ado, here’s why moving here will make your life better:

Good Life expectancy

Life expectancy in Cyprus has increased by 3 years over the last decade and is still getting for more. Men rank third out of all males across Europe, while women enjoy a fifth place. Making this place one where you can expect many decades worth opportunity. The people of Cyprus live happier, healthier lives than most other populations. Whether it is their laid-back lifestyle or low levels of pollution that make them so fortunate, we don’t know for sure, but one thing’s certain: if you move there your chances at an extended lifespan are higher!

Expats are finding that their new home, Cyprus, is a fantastic place to live. The country has attractive scenery and high life expectancy rates, among other things, which make it an excellent choice for many people who have settled here in recent years.


The Cypriots are a friendly people who go out of their way to make children feel welcome in any setting. While you may not always find child menus in restaurants, Cypriots will go out if their way to make kids feel welcome no matter where they happen upon them!

Good healthcare system

The healthcare system in Cyprus can be compared to that of other countries around the world. Public and private facilities offer expats great options for their needs, just like they would find anywhere else on this planet!

The Cyprus National Healthcare System offers free medical care at the point of delivery for everyone. Cypriots on low incomes are entitled to various treatments, including emergency services, which will be provided without cost. However, patients who don’t apply for this system must later pay any hospitalization fees that apply.

Cyprus has a thriving private healthcare sector, with most medical professionals fluent in English. The large network of government-run hospitals provides expats access to quality care without having to move abroad.

Excellent weather through the whole year

Cyprus’ climate is a pleasant balance between hot and cold. The country’s proximity to the equator means that there are 340 days with golden sunshine every year, which makes for amazing beachfront property!

The summer months of April to October offer a long period where the average daytime temperature is around 32ᵒ C and goes up as high as 40 degrees Celsius. These hot winds coming from North Africa or Middle East further boost this season’s heat, making it difficult for any clouds in sight!

The weather in Spring is unpredictable, with warm days and cold nights. The average daytime temperature usually goes down to 25ᵒ C during this time, but it can get as low around 9 degrees Celsius at night. Nevertheless, you will see sunny conditions throughout all four months, even if there may be rain showers.

Cypriots take great pride in the fact that they can go skiing and swim on the same day. From January to March, expats travel up north for this special experience.

Many job opportunities

The country of Cyprus has been growing as an attractive destination for international companies due to its low taxes. This growth means that there are more job opportunities in the local economy, which can be accessed by those who move there and take up residence or establish themselves permanently on this island nation!

The proximity and support that the government provides to allow entrepreneurs to thrive has made it an ideal destination for those looking to expand their business.

Conclusion: Expats choose Cyprus!

Expats are a common sight in Cyprus. The island has seen an increase of EU nationals, Russians, and Asians who have relocated to Nicosia over the past few years, with many working for multinational companies. Expatriates can be found all around town but particularly near Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol, and Famagusta.

Cyprus is a great place to live with its warm people and beautiful scenery. The country’s proximity to other countries makes it an interesting destination for travelers looking forward towards new experiences abroad or those who want their family members closer by giving them access in less time than they would otherwise.

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