Takiana Real Estate

17, Volterou Str. Semiramis Court, Block A Shop 4 4046 Yermasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus

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About Takiana Real Estate

The aim of the company is to offer a full professional and free service to its clients, before and after the sales or rent agreement is taking place, by combining their experience and in-depth knowledge with highly experienced agents. With that vast experience of the local market and network of established associates, they offer a wide selection of properties in Cyprus. They provide security throughout the process.

Why CNC Takiana?

CNC Takiana will provide you with safety by guiding you to the best and most trustful developers. They advise that only professional lawyers are for validating contracts made between parties.

A foreign investor should not take a risk when investing abroad because it can have severe consequences if anything goes wrong. With them, the legal team has years worth of experience assisting clients.

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