Nicolaou Estates

21 Georgiou Neophytou Street, (opposite Ajax Hotel), Limassol 4006

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About Nicolaou Estates

Nicolaou Estates is a Cyprus-based real estate agency that specializes in sales and rental of properties. One of their main principles is to provide well designed high quality properties at competitive prices. They’re committed to providing excellent customer service through an extensive knowledge about all aspects of the industry on the island, including land, houses, flats and office space for lease or purchase.

This real estate portal offers assistance for finding homes both near major cities and remote areas, without neighbouring houses, but plenty of wildlife and refreshing nature.

You are looking for a company to serve with commitment, passion and energy? An agency that can combine local expertise from all around the world within their ranks, while also having access on global level? Look no further, Nicolaou Estates is your company.

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